North American Plugfest in July 2015!

The next PLASA Control Protocols Plugfest will be held July 24 through 27, 2015 at the D/FW Marriott Solana in Westlake, TX (Near the Dallas Forth-Wort Airport).

Plugfests are informal gatherings that give engineers and software developers the opportunity to test their product’s interoperability with a wide variety of other products using PLASA’s protocols. Recent plugfests have focused on RDM (E1.20) and Streaming ACN (E1.31), along with prototype implementations of RDMnet (E1.33).

The Control Protocols Plugfest plugfest is being held in conjunction with the July, 2015 PLASA Technical Standard Program meetings. Participation in the plugfest is free, and open to anyone who has an interest in the standards developed by the PLASA Control Protocols Working Group (CPWG).

See the PLASA TSP meeting schedule at for hours, location, and information on hotel registration. Questions and further information can be found at the Control Protocol Forums , or by emailing


What is a plugfest? A plugfest is a chance to make sure your products work well with other products using the same protocol in an engineering “bits, bytes, and volts” focused environment.

There’s no formal agenda for a plugfest. Participants typically bring software products, hardware products, test equipment, etc.; anything that uses a PLASA standard protocols. In addition to existing products, it’s common to see prototypes and pre-release designs at a plugfest because it gives the developer a great chance to find, and fix bugs and interoperability issues before they cause problems for a customer.

Besides giving access to a wide variety of products, plugfests are attended by some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry, with decades of experience in the room. If you have a problem or a question, chances are you’ll find someone who can answer it. In fact, the plugfests have been described by prior attendees as “Three days of free consulting”.

The PLASA CPWG does the hard work of writing control protocols. Plugfests are how me make sure those protocols deliver their promise in the real world.