The CPWG and Task Groups

The Control Protocols Working Group (CPWG) of ESTA is the official voting body that the RDM and other control protocol standards are developed under. While the real work of developing a standard happens in the Task Groups, the Working Group is the larger body responsible for reviewing and approving the release of all Public Review drafts and the final version of all standards.

The Working Group also serves as an arbitrator for settling questions or issues that can’t be fully resolved within the smaller Task Group body. Members of the CPWG include all the various Task Group members as well as other members that represent a broad cross-section of the industry including: manufacturers, dealers, end-users, consultants, rental companies, etc.

For more information about the ESTA Technical Standards Program, or for information on how to get involved, visit ESTA site.

An application for joining the CPWG can be found here.

The RDM Task Group

2006 RDM Task Group Members receiving the Stewart Volunteer of the Year Award

Contrary to popular belief, technical standards don’t just write themselves. It takes a group of dedicated individuals countless hours, often of their own personal time, to develop and write these standards. It’s a generally thankless job, but the rewards are in creating new technologies that enable countless new products to be created.

The RDM Task Group is comprised of a group of about 15 industry professionals from the Control Protocols Working Group that meet face-face 4 times a year and sit in mostly windowless hotel conference rooms banging out the nitty gritty details in the Standard and discussing the numerous ways a paragraph can be phrased and different ways it can be interpreted. The goal is to clearly describe each and every detail in a very non-ambiguous way. Anytime there can be more than one interpretation of how a detail is to be implemented then it can make the difference between two products being able to communicate together, or frustration for the end-user trying to figure out why they don’t.

Many of the members of the Task Group work for various leading manufacturers in our industry, but membership is open to anyone with an interest in participating.

The following are the core members of the RDM Task Group responsible for the 2006 and 2010 editions of the standard. Most of them also participate in other Task Groups within the Control Protocol Working Group working on other standards as well.

  • Task Group Chair/Editor: Scott M. Blair, Full Throttle Films/VER (USA) 2006/2010
  • Javid Butler, Integrated Theatre (USA) 2006
  • Ben Darrington, Wireless Solutions (Sweden) 2010
  • Milton Davis, Doug Fleenor Design (USA) 2006/2010
  • Gary Douglas, Pathway Connectivity (Canada) 2006
  • Hamish Dumbreck, JESE (UK) 2010
  • Doug Fleenor, Doug Fleenor Design (USA) 2006/2010
  • Bob Goddard, Goddard Design (USA) 2006/2010
  • Tom Grimes, High End Systems (USA) 2006
  • Wayne Howell, Artistic Licence (UK) 2006
  • Eric Johnson, Barco (USA) 2010
  • Michael Karlsson, LumenRadio (Sweden) 2010
  • Paul Kleissler, City Theatrical (USA) 2010
  • Kevin Loewen, Pathway Connectivity (Canada) 2006/2010
  • Paul McMaster, Cooper Controls/Zero 88 (UK) 2010
  • Simon Newton (USA) 2010
  • Jason Potterf, High End Systems (USA) 2006
  • Charles Reese, Production Resource Group (USA) 2006/2010
  • Michael A. (Sandy) Twose, Sand Network Systems (Canada) 2006
  • Tracy Underhill, Electronics Diversified Inc. (USA) 2006/2010
  • Peter Willis, Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd. (UK) 2006/2010

The RDMnet Task Group

The RDMnet task group is responsible for the completion and maintenance of the RDMnet standard:

  • Task Group co-Chairs
    • Scott Blair, Megapixel VR (US)
    • Sam Kearney, ETC (US)
  • Editors
    • Scott Blair, Megapixel VR
    • Simon Newton, Open Lighting Project
    • Maya Nigrosh
    • Dan Antonuk
    • Sam Kearney, ETC
    • Jason Potterf, Cisco
  • USA
    • Bob Goddard, Goddard Design
    • Dan Antonuk
    • Sam Kearney, ETC
    • Doug Fleenor, Doug Fleenor Design
    • Scott Blair, Megapixel VR
    • Eric Johnson
    • Simon Newton, Open Lighting Project
    • Maya Nigrosh
    • Milton Davis, Doug Fleenor Design
    • Paul Kleissler, City Theatrical, Inc.
    • Jason Potterf, Cisco
    • Paul Beasley, Walt Disney Imagineering
  • UK
    • Wayne Howell, Artistic Licence
    • Dan Murfin, Royal National Theatre
    • Peter Willis, Howard Eaton Lighting
  • Canada
    • Kevin Loewen, Pathway Connectivity
  • Sweden
    • Michael Karlsson, Lumen Radio