RDM provided a great way to allow feedback and configuration of end devices to a controller using the existing DMX wiring and infrastructure. But the modern lighting industry has involved to use Ethernet-based systems for all but the last mile to the lights; and until now there was no unified method of transporting RDM data over Ethernet, with many different manufacturers coming up with different solutions.

RDMnet extends RDM functionality beyond the limits of DMX512 onto Ethernet networks in a standard, cross manufacturer way.

RDMnet Components

RDMnet allows for both gateway-type devices (which convert from Ethernet to DMX/RDM), and network-native devices. The devices are configured by one or more Controllers – and that’s a significant difference in RDMnet, there can be more than one controller.

There’s one extra item to know about in RDMnet which is the Broker. The broker is a key part of the system which facilitates communication, and allows us to have multiple controllers and multiple devices talking together with minimum overhead.

Getting RDMnet

RDMnet is in active development but will be available in products from major manufacturers of lighting control systems soon.

If you’re a manufacturer of Ethernet-enabled lighting equipment and would like to implement it in your product, visit the RDMnet developers page