New Look Stand for RDM at PLASA

For several years, PLASA’s Technical Resource Office, supported by manufacturers of RDM-compliant equipment, has provided a stand at PLASA dedicated to RDM (Remote Device Management) with the aim of familiarising visitors with the RDM protocol.

This year is no exception, yet brings a slightly different approach that reflects how the RDM protocol has become more widely recognised, understood and adopted as an industry standard. This year’s stand will go beyond explaining the basics of what RDM is and how to use it, and explore the uses and applications to which it can be put within two major market areas.

The stand will demonstrate two fully functioning RDM systems, one dedicated to architectural applications and one to entertainment use. Each system will have a fully working RDM network showing the strengths of the RDM protocol and how it can be used in these different environments.

The entertainment system will be composed of a control desk and dimmer racks and concentrate on the configuration side of the RDM protocol. Demonstrations will show how the entertainment controller allows the user to set up and configure RDM fixtures without leaving the comfort of their control desk.

By contrast, the architectural system will concentrate on real-time monitoring of RDM fixtures. This illustrates how the user is able to see up-to-date sensor values such as temperature and lamp life, and how this information can be sent to the outside world in the form of information or warnings.

The working systems will be augmented by a range of other RDM compliant equipment that demonstrates the breadth of equipment and number of manufacturers that now support the RDM protocol.

Members of PLASA’s Technical Resource Office and other industry RDM specialists will be on hand to demonstrate the systems and answer any RDM questions you may have.

RDM Stand Number: EC2-R4