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RDM General Implementation Discussion General Discussion and questions relating to implementing RDM in a product.

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Default Sensor commands

Hello, please check responder action/answers for sensors for all cases.
Especially for case 3 which responce would be correct: a or b; and same for case 9: response c or d?
The following table shows the variety of cases and case number for sensors comands.
Sensor PID | Dir_ |id==(0..Sensors-1) | id>Sensors-1 | id==FF |
Definition _| Get |________1_______|_____ 2______|___3___|
Definition _| Set |________4_______|______5______|___6___|
Value ____| Get |________7_______|______8______|___9___|
Value ____| Set |_______10_______|_____11______|__11___|
Record ___| Get |_______13_______|_____14______|__15___|
Record ___| Set |_______16_______|_____17______|__18___|
Detailed description for all cases from the table above:
Case Responder action

1 Definition get(id==(0..Sensors-1)) __| [Answer(sens#8,type8,unit8,prefix8,rmin16,rmax16,nmin16,nmax16,rvs8,des cr8*n(where 0<n<=32))]
2 Definition get(id>Sensors-1) _______| [Answer(NACKR(NR_DATA_OUT_OF_RANGE))]
3 Definition get(id==FF) ____________| a)??? [Answer(NACKR(NR_DATA_OUT_OF_RANGE))] or ???
________________________________| b)??? [Answer(forEach of sensors{sens#8,type8,unit8,prefix8,rmin16,rmax16,nmin16,nmax16,rvs8,de scr8*n(where 0<n<=32)})] ???

4 Definition set(id==(0..Sensors-1)) __| [Answer(NACKR(NR_UNSUPPORTED_COMMAND_CLASS))]
5 Definition set(id>(Sensors-1)) _____| [Answer(NACKR(NR_UNSUPPORTED_COMMAND_CLASS))]
6 Definition set(id==FF) ____________| [Answer(NACKR(NR_UNSUPPORTED_COMMAND_CLASS))]

7 Value get(id==(0..Sensors-1)) _____| [Answer(present, min, max, record)]
8 Value get(id>Sensors-1) __________| [Answer(NACKR(NR_DATA_OUT_OF_RANGE))]
9 Value get(id==FF) _______________| c)??? [Answer(NACKR(NR_DATA_OUT_OF_RANGE))] or ???
________________________________| d)??? [Answer(forEach of sensors(from 0 to quantity of sensors){present, min, max, record})] ???

10 Value set(id==(0..Sensors-1)) ____| [Make(sensor(id){min = max = record = present}, Answer(ACK, id, present, min, max, record)]
11 Value set(id>Sensors-1) _________| [Answer(NACKR(NR_DATA_OUT_OF_RANGE))]
12 Value set(id==FF) ______________| [Make(foreach of sensors{min = max = record = present}), Answer(ACK, id=ff, present=any_value, min=any_value, max=any_value, record=any_value)]

13 Record get(id==(0..Sensors-1)) ___| [Answer(NACKR(NR_UNSUPPORTED_COMMAND_CLASS))]
14 Record get(id>Sensors-1) ________| [Answer(NACKR(NR_UNSUPPORTED_COMMAND_CLASS))]
15 Record get(id==ff) ______________| [Answer(NACKR(NR_UNSUPPORTED_COMMAND_CLASS))]

16 Record set(id==(0..Sensors-1) ____| [(record = present), Answer(ACK, pdl=0)]
17 Record set(id>Sensors-1) ________| [Answer(NACKR(NR_DATA_OUT_OF_RANGE))]
18 Record set(id==ff) ______________| [(for all senors{record = present}), Answer(ACK, pdl=0)]

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