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E1.31/sACN General Discussion General Discussion and questions relating to the E1.31/sACN protocol.

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Default sACN over MATTER


thoughts on sACN (ANSI E1.31 2018) vs MATTER

can we build BOTH into a device/gateway ? both UDP on IP
MATTER supports Multi-ADMIN, hence possible for multi 'owners' of an endpoint

benefits / bandwidths of each ?
I see MATTER batter for home integration to on/off and change color, whilst sACN provides real-time, higher-bandwidth? immediate (44Hz) color change for professional environments.

anyone see any issues why we could not code for both ?
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Sure, it's possible to implement multiple control protocols in a single gateway. There's a long history of converting between all kinds of protocols, and merging/splitting/remapping among them.

You'll need to think about is how to handle control precedence. What do you do if Matter says a light should be Dim Blue, and E1.31 says it should be Bright Orange?

E1.31 constantly sends the complete system state. There's no concept of an event or action.

I don't know much about Matter, but it seems to use a Command/Event model.

If the light is Bright Orange from E1.31, and you receive a Matter command for Dim Blue, you'd likely want to accept the Matter Command. But how does E1.31 take back control later on?

There are many solutions to this problem, and no single "correct" solution. Different solutions will be applicable to different applications. Last Change, Highest Takes Precedence (HTP), Per Attribute priority, etc. etc.

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