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RDM General Implementation Discussion General Discussion and questions relating to implementing RDM in a product.

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Default Answer for unsuspected queries

I test my own design fixture with RDM and I used Ecco Overled eSuit and received strange request for the responder for pid device info.
I used sniffer to capture protocol from start of discovery command till capture of this strange commands
In the response for mute command Control Field is 0x0000. (Not support Sub Devices)
But the controller has sent a request for responder Device_info for Sub_Devece = 0 and then for Sub_Devece = 17
The question is how the responder should answer if it does not support the Sub_Devices and controller ask device info for Sub_Device = 17 or other not supported Sub_Devices?
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That's straight forward, respond with NR_SUB_DEVICE_OUT_OF_RANGE!
(Table A-17)
Hamish Dumbreck
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I would encourage you to attend the next RDM Plugfest here in the UK.


Both Hamish and I will be in attendance and it is an ideal opportunity to get a great deal of testing done with the latest test tools. For example we will have a very detailed RDM responder test software package being trialled, and several of the RDMLabpacks which will allow you to evaluate the conformance of your Ecco Overled package.

Peter Willis
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