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I am proposing that we add a new packets called DEVICE_TAGS. This will allow the user to add textual tags to a fixture which could be used for the purpose of identifying the fixture. The tags would be similar to groups on a lighting desk or labels in gmail. Each device can have multiple tags associated with it. They would differ from labels in that many devices might have the same tag.

The DEVICE_TAGS message should be able to perform the following functions.

Get Tags = gets a list of text tags which have been applied to a fixture.
Add Tag = adds a new text tag to the fixture.
Remove Tag = removes a text tag from the fixture.

Use Cases

1) Your fixtures have been hung in the rig and the rigger has labeled the fixture using "Front Truss", "Middle Truss", "Back Truss". They also may choose to label them "First", "Second", "Third". The Lighting Designer connects the lighting console and all the fixtures appear grouped by "Front Truss" etc. They simply add those fixtures in the group to the show.

2) On the lighting controller the LD is grouping the fixtures and they name the group "Floor". The console automatically adds the tag "Floor" to all the fixtures in the group. The LD can then tell his rigger to lamp on the group floor using his RDM remote. In addition all RDM devices including monitoring tools can see the same groups assigned through the lighting console.

3) During a show you notice that a light is faulty but it shows no RDM status error. You assign the tag "Faulty" to the fixture. You can then check in the warehouse or the next day for the light with the tag faulty to repair it. You may also want to exclude the fixtures with "Faulty" from a lamp on command so with your RDM tool you send the command LAMP_ON NOT "Faulty".

4) You are visiting a new venue with your own console and you connect to the house rig. You decide that you want to include in your show all the front truss fixtures. The house tech has already tagged the fixtures with "Front Truss" so on the console you just select PATCH "Front Truss" which patches all the fixtures with the "Front Truss" tag.

I am sure there are many more uses, you may want to consider restricting the number of tags for storage space or allowing a report when no more tags can be added.

I think this gives the benefit of Groups on a lighting console but on all RDM devices.

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I have to say that is an interesting concept and not one that we has ever come up in previous discussions in the Task Group.
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