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RDM General Implementation Discussion General Discussion and questions relating to implementing RDM in a product.

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I am not quite sure how you go about requesting new things to be added to RDM so I am posting here with the hope that someone will point me in the right direction.

Walking around PLASA this year and thinking about possibilities for RDM it has ocurred to me that as well as an identify command we also need an identify orientation command.

If you asked a fixture to identify its orientation then it would go into a state which would show the user which way around the device was hung. So for a moving head fixture it would tilt to 45% instead of streat down to show where the front of the fixture is. For an LED batten it would set the left most cell to red and the right most cell to green. A media server indicate the left section of the screen with red and right with green. An intensity fixture could use different intensities.

Obviously not all fixtures would support this but it has many applications.

- you can check whether all your fixtures are hung correctly, any that are wrong might need tilt inverting.
- setting up LED mapping on a media server can use it to set the angle of the fixture.
- see whether the image on a projector needs flipping.
- use it to see how fixtures in a rig you are not familiar with are hung.

I would imagine that it would either be an extra command or add a type to the identify packet.

Whilst thinking of types of identify I also thought that you may want an identify stealth. This would identify a fixture in a way that an audience is not likely to notice. So for a moving head it may nod or blink the settings screen or a dimmer pack might blink the channel LED. This would allow a tech to identify a fixture in the rig during a performance un-noticed by the audience.
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