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quote: "Ok, so the OFFICIAL response from the Wybron engineering dept is..."

That IS interesting because it was the Wybron reps who told me to terminate the scroller lines as we were tracking down the causes of a lot of spurious InfoTrace RDM error messages. The volume of error messages did go down when I added the 4-pin terminators from Doug Fleenor. These are not listed as a product on their web site. Perhaps they custom built these for us?

The Wybron product documentation indicates that the data protocol from the power supply to the scrollers is DMX/RDM. So, unless they have made some undocumented modifications for the ps output, it would make sense to terminate these lines just like any other DMX line. Each power supply does have its own UID. Even though very little is reported back from these, I had supposed that it was to give a warning if one should lose power. With a UID, you can identify directly (rather than indirectly as scrollers start dropping out) which ps was lost.

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