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I'd agree it certainly gets a bit confusing, especially with the overloading of slot label ID. I think I left some feedback on the latest public review cycle to try and improve it.

I decided to try emulating your two personalities in OLA, as it only took a few minutes and gave a good opportunity to test out the OLA RDM Responder tests to ensure we were catching the various issues.

For your second personality, the raw data is effectively (if I've interpreted your description correctly):
{'slot_label_id': 1, 'slot_offset': 0, 'slot_type': 0},
{'slot_label_id': 0, 'slot_offset': 1, 'slot_type': 1},
{'slot_label_id': 2, 'slot_offset': 2, 'slot_type': 0},
{'slot_label_id': 2, 'slot_offset': 3, 'slot_type': 1}
Which comes out of our pretty printer described as follows:
Slot offset 0: Primary, intensity
Slot offset 1: Secondary, fine control for slot 0
Slot offset 2: Primary, intensity master
Slot offset 3: Secondary, fine control for slot 2
Which appears to match your description of two 16 bit channels.

The OLA RDM tests don't throw any errors as expected.

Slot Label ID Undefined Entry [0x0000, (0)] ----It is given by integrity and we are wondering if the Slot Label Id should not be 0x0001 as we did below with Intensity Master.
I'm pretty certain that's a bug in Integrity. There is no primary slot definition of 0x0000 as they start with SD_INTENSITY at 0x0001, but that slot is a secondary slot so:
For secondary types, the Slot ID/Offset field contains a slot offset for the parameter to which it relates. For example, a 16-bit pan function in slots 1 and 2 would use ST_PRIMARY/SD_PAN for slot 1 and ST_SEC_FINE/1 for slot 2.
The confusion being "Slot ID/Offset" doesn't exist in the diagram, but the slash in the examples is fairly clearly denoting the different fields. The latest draft that went out for review fixed that bug.

If you consider a fixture that just had pan and tilt say (one of those funky mirrors maybe), it gets far less confusing as there is no numeric overlap and you'd end up with something like this:
{'slot_label_id': 0x0101, 'slot_offset': 0, 'slot_type': 0},
{'slot_label_id': 0, 'slot_offset': 1, 'slot_type': 1},
{'slot_label_id': 0x0102, 'slot_offset': 2, 'slot_type': 0},
{'slot_label_id': 2, 'slot_offset': 3, 'slot_type': 1}
We wanted to use more secondary for Strobe but the controller does not like it and we decided to use only primary.
Strobe is a primary, or do you mean say two secondary values such as timing and speed for frequency and duty cycle?

World wide how many controllers are really using Slot_ID?
OLA doesn't implement it in it's web UI yet. I can tell you the OLP RDM Manufacturer Index has 180 entries for particular software versions of responders which support the SLOT_INFO PID (of 327 total, although some have no supported parameters data)
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