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Default Slot_Info / Slot ID Type-Slot Category/ID implementation issue

Hi Everyone,

We are struggling with the implementation of Slot_Info. The standard can be confusing.

Below is the example of the most complicated Personality that we need to implement. We are not sure at all if it is correct. Integrity does not flag up anything and we are not sure either how we can try it.

Is there anyone who can check this over and telling if we are wrong or not?

Followspot 16bit:
Dimmer 16 bit:
Slot Type 0x00 Slot ID 0x0001
Slot Type 0x01 Slot ID 0x0001
Master 16 bit:
Slot Type 0x00 Slot ID 0x0002
Slot Type 0x01 Slot ID 0x0002
Strobe Duration 8bit:
Slot Type 0x02 Slot ID 0x0404
Strobe Speed 8 bit:
Slot Type 0x03 Slot ID 0x0404
Response Time 8 bit:
Slot Type 0x02 Slot ID 0x0502 or 0x0503
Control Mode 8 bit:
Slot Type 0x04 Slot ID 0x0502
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