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Hey Majid,

You're fine up until step 4. You're going to have problems in that case because the vast majority of the time you will have RDM commands interleaved between the DMX packets. This means that if packets are being interleaved and you try and revert to DMX having control then Identify will instantly be turned back off.

My view and I'm pretty sure Eric's view too has not changed in the last 8 years since our original posts on this, then when Identify is enabled it should take precedence until it has been explicitly turned off (or the fixture rebooted).

We are adding a new PID for IDENTIFY_TIMEOUT that allows the timeout to be user settable if desired and supported. This is in E1.37-5 which is currently in Public Review.

I would generally strongly discourage using Personalities for setting options like this. It is not technically against the standard to do it, but personalities are so often over used for setting obscure options that it really makes a mess of things, especially for lighting consoles that have to have a fixture library for each Personality in order to know how to control it.
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