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Originally Posted by docsale View Post
1- Does the "Level Field Supported" field affect only PRESET_PLAYBACK message or also DMX_FAIL_MODE, DMX_STARTUP_MODE behaviour?
If you strictly follow the text, it only applies to PRESET_PLAYBACK. In general, I think a responder that supports the level feature for PRESET_PLAYBACK is also likely to support level for DMX_FAIL_MODE and DMX_STARTUP_MODE, but it's not required.

Originally Posted by docsale View Post
2- If in DMX_FAIL_MODE i would like support only INFINITE HOLD TIME (so when DMX512 missing i stay in the scene selected in DMX_FAIL_MODE until DMX512 restored), what values should i expose in DMX512 Fail Minimum/Maximum Hold Times Supported?
That's a good question. I guess the best option is to set the "DMX512 Fail Infinite Hold Time Supported" flag and use 0xFFFF for both Min and Max. Some controllers might interpret that as "Not Supported", but I don't see any other options.
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