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I totally agree that if the length does not match, it is something wrong (especially if message length is not consistent with PDL)... But there are just so many things that the responder could cope just fine with. For instance the message count field.

If the message count field is != 0, it is probably because the controller used the same memory buffer for the request as for a response but did not set the field correctly.
This should be caught in the tests, not out in the field. If someone have equipment from one manufacturer that ignores this fault in the controller, and then gets a load of moving heads from a manufacturer that drops these packages, I would be surprised if the user in that cased called the controller manufacturer and yelled at them, I rather think they will throw out the equipment they see as "non-working".

I'm not saying we should encourage sloppy implementations on the controller side, but we have to keep the real world in mind. And the most important part of the real world: the end user.
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