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Originally Posted by Rob Anderson
does anyone know if RDM has been in use outside the architectural or retail market yet?
Yes, as fast as I can get it. I take care of the lighting for an outdoor night-time spectacular show with an 8000 seat amphitheater. Access to 36 movers and 12 scrollers the FOH truss requires a 45 ft highreach lift. Another 28 moving lights are on 2 hydraulic lift towers that require a full lock-out tag-out routine to access. Another 8 movers are on 25 ft. poles or inside a mountain set piece. I would love to have all of this gear talk back to me.
So far, only our 48 Aquaram scrollers speak true RDM.
Twelve of the moving head luminaires sort of talk back with a manufacturer specific protocol, to their own box, one at a time.
Here's looking forward to that critical tipping point coming sooner rather than later.

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