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This is how I would implement a responder. On receiving a GET QUEUED_MESSAGE:

- if the requested status type is STATUS_GET_LAST_MESSAGE, return the same response as last time.
- otherwise, if there are queued messages, decrement the pending message count and return the most urgent one
- otherwise, if there are status messages at or above the requested level (see table 10-1) that have not been collected, return one or more status messages.
- otherwise return a status message response with a PDL of 0

It's important that a controller be able to send GET QUEUED_MESSAGE and eventually receive an empty status message response. This tells the controller it's up-to-date.

How many times to try this depends on the number of proxies on the line and the number of status messages that are pending on the responder. The RDM tests try up to 25 times to get an empty status message response.

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