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Default Trying to run the automated tests

Hi everybody !

I'm currently implementing a RDM responder. I've been developping my system using the Enttec DMXpro interface. Everything seems to work fine with their software, and I'm now trying to test my device with the automated rdm test tool developped by Simon.

My only problem is that I can't discover my device (so I can't run the tests...). Here is the sequence of events I have, I would be glad if anybody could tell me what I'm doing wrong.
1 - the DMXpro is well patched to universe 1 : I can send DMX.
2 - when running a discover (ola_rdm_discover -u 1 -f), it is apparently correctly running : it sends DUB packet until the end of tree ("223: sending DUB packet 0102:03040506 - 0102:03040506" / "382: end of tree reached !")
3 - The discovery process is stuck here. No other packet is sent (the last one on the scope is a discovery one).
4 - If I try to run another discovery, I get the message "128 : Discovery procedure already running"

I feel like something is going wrong among the DISCOVER_MUTE/UNMUTE process, but I don't see any of these packet coming from the controller on my oscilloscope...
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