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It entirely depends on how conservative you want to be. You can probably make some reasonable assumptions and cut down your traffic significantly. But in the worst case, you may have to query every parameter of everything.

If you detect a Wigglepro100ZX, and your system already knows how to control Wigglepro100ZXs, then GET DEVICE_INFO is all you'll need. Load the appropriate profile and move on.

If you see a figure that you know nothing about and have never seen before than the controller can build a basic profile with the information that's avilable over RDM.

On a large rig, this can indeed take a while, but it's still "Faster than a stagehand with a ladder", or in this case: Faster than typing it in yourself. For most RDM devices, I'd expect you can get all the information you need in a second or two per fixture.
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