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Originally Posted by nomis52 View Post
What does this actually mean? I'd read that to say that at the moment of resetting, the current value should be copied into present and lowest, highest & recorded set to the current value.
I concur with that interpretation.

Originally Posted by nomis52 View Post
"If this value is not supported, then this field shall be set to 0x0000."
So if the responder doesn't support recording values or highest / lowest, what should the value of the recorded/highest/lowest field be?
The bitfield in SENSOR_DEFINITION tells you if high/low and recorded values are supported, so most controllers should ignore whatever values are in high/low and recorded if those bits are not set.

The 0x0000 rule is not in E1.20-2006. I believe it's part of what will probably become '-2011. Still, it's probably best for responder to fill unsupported sensor fields with 0x0000 just to be sure.
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