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Default When to use Queued Msg VS Status Msg


We have implemented RDM in a prototype LED pixel bar. I have treated each pixel as a subdevice with 3 channels (RGB), and the root with zero footprint. I am using Enttec's controller software to test the various functions and everything seems to work pretty well.

My confusion is on the queued messages versus status messages. It seems from the document that the two are separately maintained lists inside the controller, and one is accessed using the QUEUED_MESSAGE command and the other is accessed using the STATUS_MESSAGE command. Is that correct, and if so, how do I decide what things should go in each?

It appears from examples that things typically queued are non-error changes like DMX Address (assuming hardware dip switches on the controller), or controller or lamp hours. And things that don't get queued are things like errors (LED failure or overtemp). Am I close

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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