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Post Broadcasting to a device model

I want to broadcast a SET command to all devices of a specific device model. Broadcasting to a specific manufacturer is easy of course, using the manufacturer-specific broadcast address of mmmm:ffffffff. I suspect other manufacturers have run into this question

A model-specific broadcast address of say mmmm:dddd:ffff, where dddd is the model number, could have been quite useful.

How then to select a specific device model? My two ideas at the moment are to abuse the SUBDEVICE field, which is 16 bits, to encode the model number, or to use a manufacturer-specific PID and then include the desired model number and actual PID in the parameter data. One downside of the latter solution is that it reduces the maximum length of the parameter data by four bytes. I'm leaning towards using the SUBDEVICE field. The RDM spec limits the range of the SUBDEVICE field to values 0-512. That leaves plenty of bits to encode a model number.

Any other suggestions?

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