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That being the case I use OLA (open lighting architecture) you will need an interface like enttec USBPro or something else that can do RDM from OLA. The Enttec USBPro protocol is is straight forward and I was able to write my own in an STM32F3. Google for the Enttec USBPro protocol and you will find a PDF doc detailing this. WIth this and OLA you can test discovery and RDM parameters. There is also an RDM test suit that would allow you to test your responder. The best part about OLA is it is free.

You can get a very cheap 8-bit logic analyser on e-bay if you search for it. OLA has an interface to capture packets over the DMX interface you will need a RS-485 to 5V converter you can make one or get one on ebay cheaply.

Also read and reread the RDM/DMX standard documents I must have read these 20+ times all the answers are there but I find as you debug your understanding of the standard document gets better the next time you read the standard document you understand it better.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for the respose.. i asked here because i found some issue while developing in STM Controller
I have developed RDM in LPC2148 & Arduino
I am a student... in my college i didn't have much resources for testing. If any reference is there it should be useful for me
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