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This is a common problem. I've seen lots of 30+ slot devices that let you address them to slot 512.

For DMX_START_ADDRESS, it's really up to the implementer and what makes sense for that specific device. Can the device be useful if you only have access to some of its slots?

For a 12-channel dimmer pack, you might want to allow it to be patched to slot 507 just in case someone wants to use the first few dimmers at the end of the universe. But for a 12-slot moving light should probably NACK it because you can't meaningfully control the fixture using only a sub-set of its slots.

For DMX_BLOCK_ADDRESS, that PID opens up all kinds of nasty corner cases like the ones you've described. In my opinion (and this is only my opinion, it's not widely shared by others) you should not implement Block Address. If a fixture needs to be addressed linearly, then the controller is in a better position to do it. The only advantages of Block Addressing arethat you save a few SET requests when you're setting up a rig, and it can also make life a bit easier for Extremely Simple controllers that make it difficult to configure sub-devices.
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