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Exclamation Request Call for New PIDs!


At the January 2014 meetings, we approved starting a new project for adding new general use PID's to RDM and RDMnet.

We've already published E1.37-1 which added PID's along the theme of messages needed for Dimming Systems and Presets.

E1.37-2 is going through the Public Review cycle now which provides a suite of PIDs for configuring IP addressing.

We have another project that is geared towards adding new PIDs for video devices and LED screens.

This new project is basically for general use messages that don't necessarily fall neatly into one of the suites of PIDs already in the works.

This is your chance to request new PID's to be added to the RDM message suite, regardless of what the specific application or use might be.

To keep things from getting confusing, please start a new thread for each PID being suggested. This will help keep the discussion focused and easily to follow so we aren't discussing 5 completely different topics in a thread.

Scott M. Blair
RDM Protocol Forums Admin
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