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Default RDM repeater


We have a single pixel RGB RDM LED fixture (footprint = 3).
There may be up to 170 fixtures in 1 universe (512/3=170).
As far as I know due to 32 devices limitation of data bus, we have to divide 1 universe into 6 segments.

I am aware of RDM SPLITTER solution to branch 1 data bus into 6 data bus.
But for some projects -due to linear locations of fixtures- it seems better to divide 1 universe in "linear" form rather "branching".

So I decide to design an RDM-REPEATER as a transparent in-line device which can be placed between every 32 fixterures as below :



I plan to use a MCU and 2 bus drivers and control buses like the attached diagram.

Is that as simple as I thought?
do I overlook something?

I appreciate comments.
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