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Default RDM Hub Implementation

I've started looking at implementing a 1 channel in, 4 channels out RDM Hub. I'm going to try and keep it as simple as possible, ie. the Hub itself doesn't need to be discoverable, or able to be set up remotely.. I just need to be able to pass the data (in both directions) correctly.

I'm looking for any advice on how to architect this.. ie.. is the simplest to: 1) monitor the packets coming in (that are coming into the master port and are being received by the hub connected devices); 2) If a valid RDM packet gets detected, when it finishes, wait to see if one of the hub connected devices activates his transmitter to respond, and if so; 3) turn the transmitter on the master port (to the console) on; 4) monitor the response of the hub connected responder as it sends its packet to the console; 5) when the responders RDM packet finishes turn the busses back to the initial state & begin the process over.

Thanks in advance for any help with this..
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