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In E1.37 Section 3.3, the final statement reads:
This message shall not have any effect on the DMX512 Start Address for the root device, only the sub-devices.

Any of you wise folk out there able to enlighten me on the rationale of this statement?

I have a fundamental problem with this, in as far as that root devices, when contiguosly addressed, may not be represented on the root device without falling fowl of this directive. The upshot of this, is that any responder implementing Block Addressing will undoubtedly hit the otherwise avoidable limitations of many controllers.

Take into account also, as was discussed at the last plugfest in April, it was suggested that sub-devices* do not have to support DEVICE_INFO.
If any one can't see where I'm going with this, I can elaborate...

*Edited, did read root-device
Hamish Dumbreck

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