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> Right, but generating a less than 2ms response will
> not slow down the discovery process, when compared
> to a timeout.

When I talk about speeding up discovery, it's not a really matter of saving a millisecond or so on a timeout vs. a short response. It's about the responder always being ready and able to handle discovery requests. Having to deal with an ACK_TIMER or a BUFFER_FULL condition would really complicate discovery on a large rig. That was the intent anyway.

The way it was written, the text also disallows NACK'ing invalid or corrupt packets (as you might see if there is noise on the DMX wire). If should have been written another way to better reflect the intent, and to allow NACK'ing invalid requests, but at this point we're kinda stuck with it as it's written.

Fortunately, it's a non-issue from what I've seen in real-world systems. Many people first discover this issue when they run the OLA Responder Tests...
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