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Yes, I am referring to the OLA RDM responder tests. Enclosed pls find the report for said test (file:screenshot.jpg).

Again, I object this should be rated as error. Looking at the entries of a slot label with and without padded spaces, here are the results (see fig1.png) and I bet, you will not be able to guess which one comes with extra spaces. To the user, it's the same- that is, what counts. It's not up to me to please the computer, the computer has to please me!

The test should reveal "Passed", eventually add a note "format changed".

When "extra spaces on the end mess up the display of the label" there may be room for improvement on your side. A responder should be able to handle the worst data packets generated by a controller at all times- in terms of timing, formatting and data contents. This is our guideline to build robust and reliable equipment. On the other hand, I expect a controller to accept any type of response conforming to the existing standard - and I cannot see any reason to distinguish between an ASCII character being a space and an ASCII character not being a space. High-level languages have predefined functions to truncate text; microprocessors come with enough computing power to do so. Ty to build your application to be as generous as possible and to accept all styles!

The OLA RDM responder test is a wonderful time-saving application; thanks to anybody involved to make this possible. As it's getting to be accepted as some sort of standard test we should sort out edges like this text issue to make it even better.
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