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The E1.20 standard is an ANSI standard that is open to anyone who wishes to implement it. The document itself it available to anyone for $40.00.

There aren't really any "IP addresses" is RDM. Each vendor needs a Manufacturer ID which is managed by ESTA.

It's a common practice in some industries for a company to try to claim they have a patent that covers part of an industry standard after that standard has been approved. I am not aware of anyone making such a claim that would cover RDM. Of course, someone could make such a claim at any time, but given the number of people who have already done some form of talkback, it would be hard to overcome the prior-art argument.

I'm curious who told you that RDM was covered by patents? If you have a way to contact them, please ask them to post here and explain why they believe this to be the case. It helps everyone if we can clear up the confusion.
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