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Originally Posted by dgaller View Post
Aha, so basically the DECODER reports the status of itself back to the ENGINE. BUT, if the decoder sends its PWM signals out the "analog" side (12v/24v), the fixture attached on the analog side obviously cannot report what it's doing since it's just regulating power to change colors, is that correct?

If that's the case, how can RDM report what it's doing if it really doesn't know how well the fixture is responding? For example, wouldn't it report inaccurate information if, say, there IS no fixture attached to the decoder?
Correct, the decoder reports the status/configuration of itself back to the Controller. The decoder has no knowledge of what is actually connected to its PWM outputs as you said since it is just regulating power.

Most of the time we are talking about a complete product like a moving light, smoke machine, or LED fixture that is fully integrated and has full knowledge of all it's sensors and properties to report back via RDM. In this case you're building something by connecting two different products together so you're capabilities in RDM are limited to what the Decoder can provide.
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