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There's no single correct way to do it.

In general, Null Startcode is intended for Control, and RDM is intended for management, but those can cross-over for something like color temperature.

If this were my fixture, I would likely have 5+ personalities:
1: A 2-slot personality with Intensity and CCT
2; A 2-slot personality with W_Intensity and C_Intensity
3: A 1-slot personality with fixed 2700K CCT
4: A 1-slot personality with fixed 3200K CCT
5: A 1-slot personality with fixed 5500K CCT

You can keep adding 1-slot personalities to get the CCTs that make sense for your market.

Another possibility is to keep personalities 1 and 2 from my list above, then define a third personality with 1-slot and use a manufacturer specific PID to set the CCT.

Either approach is fine.

If you use W_INTENSITY and C_INTENSITY, then those two values would be sent as DMX Slots, not RDM PIDs. If you want to describe those slots via RDM you would use SLOT_INFO, SLOT_DESCRIPTION, and DEFAULT_SLOT_VALUE.

Footnote: You may also need 16-bit versions of some of the personalities depending on how your dimming engine works.
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