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Displaying a fan speed can also be an intersting item. Every computer can do so (look into your BIOS to see the CPU fan speed), RDM devices cannot. We have fans on stage.

To display a fan speed of say 2000 rpm we have to look table A-13 for UNITS_RPM, which we will not find since it is not a SI unit. Since the "r" in rpm is an artificial component and 1 minute = 60 seconds, the unit 1/s (UNITS_HERTZ) seems appropriate. But we do not have a divisor of 60 as prefix, thus we have to display 33.33 Hz instead of 2000 rpm.
There is no way for the desk or controller other than anlyzing the contents of the sensor label to get any information that this is not a "frequency", and the value supplied must be converted to rpm readout. Or?
Luckily, our console integrates a simple calculator...
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