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Originally Posted by ericthegeek View Post
I have no idea what CLEAR_STATUS_ID is supposed to do. There simply isn't enough information in the standard. One interpretation is that if you have a ton of old status message that are queued up and waiting to be delivered, this PID can flush the queue and allow you to get newer messages.

A second interpretation is that it tells the responder to forget what it has already sent, and re-deliver any status conditions that are still occurring.

As I said earlier, I prefer the second interpretation since it's a feature the standard really needs, but I don't think the text is clear enough.
Yes, that description is a bit terse. What is interesting is that it has been in since the original document and questions/issues have never come up about it before.

It is intended to pretty much do what it says which is to flush the status queue in the device. This is a SET message only with no other parameter data. So when a device receives this message it should flush all pending status messages it has queued.
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