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Originally Posted by docsale View Post
thanks for the support. So, in the "Preheat" configuration, output never goes OFF even if DMX512 is 0? To me it sounds quite strange but, if this is the standard requirement, i will follow it!!!
Preheat is commonly used with incandescent lamps. By keeping the filament glowing at a very low level you can get much faster response when you want a fast turn-on. It's a major energy waster so not used as often as it was in the past, but still a useful feature. In shows with lots of flashing, it can also improve lamp life.

There's no requirement that you offer a preheat function. If your product supports preheat, you can use this PID to control and report it, but if you don't want to offer this feature, you don't have to. It's entirely your choice. It depends on the kind of product you are building, and the needs of your customers.

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