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Exclamation Mute Response Question

I'm not sure, but I think I have found something that needs to be brought up.

(I know this sounds like a Zen koan)
Should an already muted responder respond to a mute command?

I believe the answer is a resounding no. Here is why:

Lets say that responders a, b and c are on a universe and are being discovered. If the wire-or of the discover next responses of a&b make a valid message which looks like the response of c the system will believe it found c and then mute it. That is fine, but if a muted c responds again to a mute it will block a&b from ever being discovered. You end up in a loop and it looks like c is un-muting itself constantly. You'll think you're just discovering c over and over again.

I believe a solution is for an already muted device to not respond to a mute command, and therefore it would signal that what looked like a valid discover next response is really a collision.

Is this really an issue or am I missing something?
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