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Thank you Eric and Scott.

Now It's clear to determine how responder supposed to behave on RDM signal timeout. I will follow official solution, IDENTIFY_TIMEOUT is the definite solution if needed.

There is similar requirement for us for DMX signal.
Some of our customers also expect DMX LED fixtures to show simple color change at loss of DMX signal. with approximately 1 minute timeout.

We have designed a simple DEMO-REPEATER device.
so that DMX signal go through it and in absense of DMX signal input, after 1 minute timout, it streams out DEMO dmx data ,
when DMX signal present again, it repeats exactly the input signal

I am planning to embed this requirment inside our new RDM LED fixtures.
I think it no harms while while IDENTIFY_DEVICE = 1, since device will ignore DMX signal.
but It seems would be confusing while IDENTIFY_DEVICE = 0,

Is there recommended/official solution to satisfy this last requirement (DMX timeout)?
otherwise I will reject the requirement and offer our old solution DEMO-REPEATER if requested.
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