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Default mixing 8bit & 16bit features in a personality?

From what I can tell, most fixture manufacturers that have fixtures with a 8bit/16bit attribute setting, use this setting to affect all features within a fixture personality. For example the 16bit setting (if available) is often used with the the RGB channels for finer control of the color, but it will also affect MasterDimmer, and MotorizedZoom features if they are present. Is it ever the case that a fixture personality would have 8bit/16bit color adjust attribute selection, but only a 8bit MotorZoom attribute? (It seems like 8bits are plenty for a MotorZoom mechanism). It occurred to me that this might be more a question about how consoles work.. do they typically have only a single 8bit/16bit attribute setting that apply to all features (slots) within the fixtures personalities, or do they allow separate 8bit/16bit control slots within a single personality?
Thanks in advance for any insight on this..
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