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Default European RDM/sACN Developers Conference and Plugfest April 2012

Three days of serious work for a lot of people right to the end.

My thanks to Hamish Dumbreck, Simon Hobday and Peter Kirkup for their support and enthusiasm for this event, and to Ron Bonner at PLASA for sponsoring and underwriting the event as part of PLASA Technical.

Thanks also to our additional guest contributers, Paul Kleissler, Tim Baarsch, Michael Karlsson, Hans Lau, Bob Goddard, Wayne Howell, Simon Newton, Adam Bennette and Ulrich Kunkel.

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended and participated in such a professional manner.

Ron, Peter, Hamish, Simon and I are getting together on the 4th May to learn from our mistakes, and discuss where we go from here. Thus if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

Peter Willis

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