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Default Controlling PWM freq. using RDM


I would like to control/select the PWM frequency of a led dimmer by using RDM. I have 4 possible frequencies that I want to configure/select.

I have used 4 DMX-personalities to select 1 ,2 ,3 or 4 channels.
I could extend that and have something like this:

1 channel /250Hz
1 channel /500Hz
1 channel /1KHz
1 channel /2KHz
2 channels /250Hz
2 channels /500Hz
4 channels /2KHz

But that just don't seem to be the proper way to use DMX personalities.
Additionally I want to add a current setting as well. (100mA, 350mA, 700mA, 1A).
This would give me a list of 64 personalities

Is there a better way to implement a frequency setting or a current setting?

Using a Device Configuration Parameter would be perfect except that there are only 4 parameter defined (pan invert/tilt invert ...)

Is there anyone that has done something like this or that can advice me on this one?

Luc Beullens
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