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Thanks for the reply.

I understand the arguments and the difficulties, but we, as developers, make it our customers even more difficult. Now they must use different and special software to perform the update. When we would choose a good microprocessor, and this is now a lot easier and cheaper then 5 years ago, we could solve the problem relative easy. So it may be a good idea to place the issue back on the wish list and start thinking again, with the lasted technology in mind, to solve the problem. Maybe the solution will not be the fasted possible or the most elegant, but you can make it very robust without a problem. With the current flash, eeprom, ram sizes, there is also no more need for a very restricted bootloader. This standard feature can then be implemented in future products, so that there will come no more(or less) manufacture specific solutions and our customers can be better off.

In the mean time I will also create my own solution.


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