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Default Tunable White RDM fixture

Hi all.

We are trying to develop lighting fixtures with tunable white. So, there are 2 possible notations to control them:
1-st notation: (GENERAL_INTENSITY; CCT), where CCT=Correlate Color Temp, K
2-nd notation: (W_INTENSITY; C_INTENSITY), where W and C = Warm and Cool components.

At 1-st notation there are 2 options:
- Set CCT via RDM (using specific PID for CCT) this case a fixture is usual DMX with footprint=1
- Set both CCT and GENERAL_INTENSITY via DMX, this case footprint = 2.
Which approach is correct?

At 2-nd notation footprint also = 2. If we control W_INTENSITY; C_INTENSITY via DMX, shoul I describe them the SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS? In the same way, for RGBW color fixture we don't specify R G B W color components as PID.

Thank you.
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