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Default AVR Responder Lib tested with ENTTEC

Hi all,

just before I heard of the Wybron responder Lib I finished my own for the AVR mcu family. It has less features (no message queu) but seems to be much smaller.

Yesterday I tested it with the USB DMX Pro (current RDM FW) and the Controller SW and get a strange behaviour:

A commercial device with my lib and enabled DMX termination is discovered but the controller sw receives no device info response (which is implemented).

Device identification and the change of the start address can be done with the patch tool.

A test circuit without DMX termination with the same lib is not discovered by the controller sw. (The discovery finishes after ~1s without any error messages.) The test circuit indicates the reception of valid discovery msgs and the transmission of the responses...

I appreciate any hint or help.

best regards,

responder source code:
responder test hardware:
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