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Thanks for the reply. I agree that it's not laid down in the spec (at least I couldn't find it anywhere), but I'm trying to find a solution to the following:

After discovering all the fixtures in a rig, does a controller have to interrogate every single fixture to get their detailed parameters? When can it decide that two fixtures have identical RDM properties?

When faced with a rig of 50 of one type of fixture and 50 of another it has to go through the descovery process to find all 100 fixtures. Does it then need to cross examine all 100 fixtures to find out the detailed information about what they can do, what parameters they support, what sensors they have, what their slot descriptions are and so on, or can it just interrogate one fixture of each type and then know with certainty that the others are all the same? This could presumably have a significant effect on the amount of RDM traffic (and presumably time) required for a console to become aware of the properties of all the fixtures on its network.
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