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The method I'm playing with involves monitoring the Busses on both sides of the Splitter with CarrierDetect circuitry so I can see is the Console is driving, or waiting for a RDM response.. additionally the same thing is happening on the Fixtures Bus so I can see if the Fixture is driving the FixtureBus.. ie responding. The RO & DI of the RS485 chips are crossed over, the Receiver Enables are permanently Enabled, and the Driver Enables are controlled to provide the correct direction of data flow. I made a single page flowchart of the logic that I was going to post (I have a PDF & A PNG) but I don't see how to post it...
Does this sound like I'm out of my mind?.. or do you think there's a chance.
The micro I'm using is a 64Mhz PIC and the logic to run the DriverEnables would be blistering fast. Also, the CarrierDetect circuit I'm using is blistering as well.. easily better than half a bit width... It seems like this should be workable..(?)
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