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Default European RDM and sACN Developers Conference and Plugfest 2016

European RDM and sACN Developers Conference and Plugfest - 2016

Details for the next European RDM and sACN Developers Conference and Plugfest are now available at

The event will run Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd April 2016, in the UK, at Gatwick Manor, London Road at Lowfield Heath, just south of Gatwick Airport.

The Developers Conference provides a European forum for manufacturers, designers, consultants and prospective users to discuss and learn about the various control protocol standards emanating from the ESTA/PLASA Technical Standards program, and aims to ensure that the adoption of these new standards achieves desired levels of interoperability and reliability.

Conference sessions will cover the use and implementation of the published RDM, sACN and ACN standards, together with other projects in development such as"E1.33 : RDMnet".

The "Plugfest" is a hands-on opportunity for product developers to try out their hardware and code implementations with products from a variety of other manufacturers. Participants enjoy the support from their industry peers in an environment that encourages co-operation and improved understanding of the standards, and aims to achieve high levels of interoperability. Typically, engineers participate in these events with the ability to code and debug aspects of their implementations on site, sometimes retreating to their hotel rooms to craft improvements before returning to the "Plugfest" to continue testing.

The sessions, despite their apparent informality, can be a valuable opportunity to learn how not to make the same mistakes, or misguided assumptions, as others may have done.
Participation is by invitation, and limited to registered delegates. The Developers Conference provides to Lighting Designers, System Integrators, Theatre Consultants, Production Electricians and Rental Technical staff.

If you need further information, please contact me

Peter Willis
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