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Welcome to the forums. There are different type of Self Tests and it depends on the device and implementation. While it is possible that a device can implement a self test that returns a status when complete there are many devices out there such as moving lights where the self test is more visual for the user, and as such may run continuously until they are told to stop.

A memory test on something would likely run and return a pass/fail at the end. But on a moving light something like a Pan test or color wheel test is more likely to just run continuously until told to stop. It all depends on the implementation of the device as to how the self test operates.

If I was implementing something like a memory test or other one shot pass/fail test. I would just perform the test and then queue a message with the results. For something where I want it to run continuously then I would just wait until I'm told to stop the test and if it something where I can provide results then I'd Queue a message as you suggest.
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