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I should say I am also learning RDM
I have just finished 2 designs, still optimizing them.
For sure the forum elders and real field experienced seniors have the right answer for your question.
I think RDM is almost like an endless sea, you can always find new features to add and optimize them.
More features means more complexity and hard to maintenance and debug.
As in Table A-3 supporting min 9 parameters is mandatory. The rest depends on your requirements.
DMX PERSONALITY is the parameter that can be used creatively to suit your requirements.
As example I used PERSONALITY to select LED/Pixel options of my RGB Pixel Line fixture.
I would like to recommend to develop your equipment gradually, start from min required 9 parameters.
Before adding a single bit, absolutely verify your device with RDM Tester Package.
Execute RDM tests regularly at every step of progression of your project.
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