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Default Queued messages responses with Message Count = 0


I need an explanation, please.

Point 10.3.1. of the standard seems to state that a receiver must always respond with a STATUS MESSAGE with PDL = 0 when it receives a GET QUEUED MESSAGE with no messages pending (MESSAGE COUNT = 0)

But this seems to be an incorrect interpretation.

In fact if I don't support GET_STATUS_MESSAGES, then I MUST respond with a
STATUS_MESSAGE with PDL of 0x00 (I must respond in this way even if I don't
support STATUS MESSAGES PID and this does not imply a STATUS MESSAGES
support as it is reported in the text)

But If I support GET_STATUS_MESSAGES, then I must respond with a STATUS
MESSAGE with STATUS TYPE requested.

A STATUS MESSAGE response with PDL = 0 doesn't mean that there are no
messages pending, this information simply is supplied by MESSAGE COUNT = 0.

Am I right?

Thank you
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